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Lactose Intolerance

Dairy Allergy Prevention and Which Food to Avoid

If you have a positive report of dairy allergy test in your hand, you may be feeling a bit scared if you are health and diet conscious. Indeed, those who love to enjoy the creamy and tasty ice creams, smoothies and milkshakes but now suffering from tummy aches understand the pain. In this post, you will find out the preventive…

Health and Lifestyle, Tips to Reduce Cancer Risks

In the recent past, cases of cancers have been rapidly reported all over the world. Scientists and researchers believe that there is a very close relationship between our lifestyles and our risks of contracting cancer. The air we breathe today, the food that we consume and the drinks that we take all plays a role in increasing our risks of contacting some types of cancers. Although some things are beyond our control, there are a number of habitual changes that we can make to minimize our risks of contracting cancer. Below we give you some tips on how you can be able to minimize your risks of becoming a cancer victim:

A Guide to Healthier Snacking

There is nothing better than having a wee bag of crisps or a bar of chocolate throughout the day. Everyone has something that they love to snack on. But sometimes it can be too unhealthy and we can start to over snack and become out of shape. This small guide to healthier snacking will show some tips and tricks that you can use for a more nutritious bite. So read the list below and get swapping your Wispa for a watermelon.

Top Healthy Ways to Start Your Morning With

Did you know that what you do immediately after waking up or how you start your day has a very big role in determining how the rest of the day will be? Maintaining a healthy living habit is sometimes a very tedious but a very necessary process. You are supposed to learn some new habits and at the same time unlearn some of your favourite habits. In this article, we give you some healthy tips on how you can start your day.