Cosmetic Dentistry Glasgow | Facts and Myths That You May Not Know

cosmetic dentistry glasgow

There are many myths when it comes to cosmetic dentistry Glasgow. What people forget is that many cosmetic procedures have evolved and improved considerably, compared to how they were 10 years ago.

cosmetic dentistry glasgow

Myth: Cosmetic Dentistry Only Effects the Way You Look

Yes, cosmetic dentistry does affect the way you look but that’s not all it does. When you finish treatment you will walk out of the clinic feeling like a new person and you will get a huge boost of confidence.

Not only that, it can also help your mouth restore its natural functionality, this may affect the way you ingest food and drinks – in a positive way.

Many people who undergo cosmetic dentistry also become more aware of their dental hygiene after the treatment is complete. This is because the dentist should tell you how to properly take care of your new teeth. Depending on the treatment, you may also get rid of the cracks and crevasses in the tooth that harbour bacteria, leading to all-round more hygienic dental health.

Myth: Home Teeth Whitening Kits Are as Good as Professional Treatment

There are many products out there claiming that they can give you the same results as professional treatment, this is not true. Yes, some results may be good but home teeth whitening kits are notorious for causing streaks on the teeth. Some cheaper products are made with bleaches that cannot be ingested and have caused people to get sick as the solution leaks out from the side of the ill-fitting mouth guard. Some can even cause extreme sensitivity by eroding the tooth’s enamel.

Getting professional cosmetic dentistry Glasgow is the safest way to achieve your desired results.

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Myth: Cosmetic Dentistry Looks Unnatural

At one point in time, yes, cosmetic dentistry did have a tendency to look unnatural. But with the development of cosmetic dental treatments, this is no longer an issue – when you go to a reputable and experienced dentist.

The aim of cosmetic dentistry Glasgow, or anywhere else, is a natural look which is pretty much undetectable. A good cosmetic dentist will always match any replacement teeth to your natural teeth. Teeth whitening may be offered to give you a flawless finish but you will get to choose the shade which will look natural.

Myth: The Process Takes a Long Time

The length of time will depend on the treatment, but many dentists spend their whole career training to get better at what they do. That’s why we have such advanced forms of cosmetic dentistry today. That and the ever-advancing technology available has made it possible to achieve stunning results at a fraction of the time.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Glasgow

Cosmetic dentistry dates back thousands of years and has come a long way since the first recorded dentures were found from 700BC.

People still have many worries about the treatments available but going to the right dentist is crucial for the success of the treatment. If you think cosmetic dentistry could benefit you, looking online will help you find a reputable dentist – with proof of successful treatment that they have carried out (in the form of before and after photos). From there you can discuss the possibility of cosmetic dentistry Glasgow.