Review | Indian Restaurant Merchant City Glasgow: The Dhabba

Flat lay of table laden with dishes cooked from Indian restaurant Merchant City Glasgow The Dhabba

One of the things that Glasgow is not lacking in is Indian restaurants. Contrary to stereotypical belief, Glasgow loves curry and it is in fact the most popular take away meal in the city. You will find a curry house or more on every street in the city centre and at least a couple in the suburban locales surrounding Glasgow, giving locals a little too much choice when it comes to Indian cuisine. The competition is fierce in this saturated marketing with new restaurants and takeaways popping up all over the place, not to mention the long standing businesses that have been active since the 1960s. It takes a lot to stand out from the crowd, however The Dhabba in Glasgow’s Merchant City is certainly picking up heat on the foodie radar.

Raan-e-Sikandari leg of lamb with dark rum herbs and spices, a dish from Indian Restaurant Merchant City Glasgow

Setting and Ambience

The atmosphere plays a huge role in any restaurant in shaping the customers experiences. The Dhabba is located in Glasgow’s stylish and bustling Merchant City which is lined with numerous bars, restaurants and cafes. The location of the restaurant is perfect as it allows for plenty of options for drinks after your meal or if you are shopping during the day and need somewhere within reach to refresh and reenergise with tasty and nourishing foods. The interior is brightly lit with sunshine streaming in from the window front, which is pleasantly accompanied with dark wooden tables, reddish accents and a stained mahogany feature wall. Staff greet customers with relaxed smiles and promptly seat everyone with menus.

Cheesecake desert from Indian Restaurant Merchant City Glasgow

The Menu at the Dhabba Indian Restaurant Merchant City Glasgow

The menu at The Dhabba goes beyond all your typical Glasgow favourites of Korma, Bhuna and Masala. Deriving from the traditional eateries that are located on the roadsides of the countryside, dishes from The Dhabba have been lovingly perfected over centuries, passed down through family members leading to their introduction into Indian cities and eventually foreign countries such as Scotland. The options are vast, spanning from seafood to chicken to lamb in a range of spices from mild to tears-in-your-eyes hot. Popular dishes are anything from the Dum Pukt section of the menu and the Macchi Tikka with monkfish. Every dish is drenched in opulent flavour so much so that it is recommended to try several different dishes in order to satiate your desire for taste. There are sharer menus available for precisely this, however if everyone in your orders a different main, the portions are enough that trying a bit of everyone’s wouldn’t go amiss. It is true that this Indian restaurant Merchant City Glasgow brings truly authentic North Indian cuisine to the table and gives visitors a refreshing taste of Indian food. If you are looking for a hearty and lavishly delicious meal that is much more than your local take away, The Dhabba is certainly one to try.