Car Wrap Glasgow | Benefits of Vinyl Wrapping Your Car

Car wrapping has been around for a while and can be used to transform the appearance of any vehicle. There are many benefits of getting a car wrap in Glasgow and this article will tell you what they are.

car wrap glasgow

Update Your Car

One of the biggest disadvantages, when you buy a car, is the colour range, it’s not very varied and can be difficult to get exactly what you want. When you get a car wrap in Glasgow you can choose whatever colour or design you want, giving you the flexibility to customise your car however you want.

car wrap glasgow

Protects Against Scratch and Abrasion

There are many ways that paintwork on cars can become scratched or damaged and due to the paint not being as durable, these marks come up quicker and can leave your car looking a little worse for wear. Some of the ways that a cars paintwork can become damaged include;

  • Certain tools e.g. ice hammer snow brush, snow broom, ice scraper, car dusters
  • Scrub mitts, wash sponge and towels made of cheap material
  • Jewellery, zips or other objects coming into contact with car door
  • Bike and roof racks (if not installed properly)
  • Pet scratches

With a vinyl car wrap is made of high-quality material and vinyl film to ensure that it is incredibly durable and marks less easily, compared to paintwork.

Advertising Opportunity

You can vinyl wrap any design on your car, this includes pictures, logos and words. Car wraps are a great marketing opportunity for many businesses, this is because the amount of people the average driver will pass in a day is staggering, a much larger exposure than many other types of advertising. Getting in contact with businesses about advertising on your vehicle could make you extra money.

More Economical Than Repainting

The cost of repainting a car can be extortionate, ranging from about £2,000-£15,000 not including the cost of dismantling and reassembling the car. Rust and dents may also raise the cost of a paint job. This cost doesn’t include if you want a design painted on the car as well. With a vinyl car wrap in Glasgow the job is done in one go, saving time and money.

car wrap glasgow

Protects Cars Resale Value

By adding a vinyl car wrap in Glasgow you can protect the resale value of your car. Many second-hand car buyers prefer to buy a car with the original paintwork, by adding a vinyl car wrap you can preserve the paintwork underneath. Good quality car wraps can be removed in a number of hours with no damage or marks left on the paintwork underneath.

Wide Range of Colours and Designs

As mentioned above, you can get a car wrap in Glasgow in pretty much any colour or design you want. Whether you’re after chrome, matte, glossy or something else, you can get it with a car wrap. Designs can even be limited to certain sections of the car.