How To Change Up Your Diet And Keep Fit

Healthy Eating

In the current climate we are in the United Kingdom at is becoming increasingly difficult to be able to eat healthily on a budget without overspending on food. We have written up a guide of the key foods we think could benefit your diet and how they could change your eating habits for the better. Tradtionally healthy eating has always been associated with eating 5 day out of any types of fruit and veg. This is increasingly difficult for many families. We would recommend eating a balanced diet and although 5 a day is that optimum amount two or three a day of fruit and veg is definitely better than nothing.


Affordable Fruit And Veg

So what is available that is affordable and healthy? Well thankfully there is quite a variety to choose from depending on where you shop and what your food preferences may be –

  • Bananas are an excellent source of fibre helping to ease digestion. Bananas also offer energy which can be used throughout the day. Bananas have also been known to have